Saturday, January 04, 2003

Absence Materialized

From the corners of nothing
I snatch my existence,
I, the man who has everything.

The void thickens around me,
It relinquishes its absence,
It is bored into being.

I want to speak,
Say nothing,
But cannot even begin to articulate it.

I reach within,
For faces and thoughts
That quickly dissolve;

I reach for my self
That has already granulated.
I reach for where I am no longer.

I speak their names,
And, after the delay,
they echo back;

They tell me of how it went,
How it goes,
Without me.

They tell me of a life
Where I am not,
Of my world not missing me.

They tell me of my laughter
Ringing hollow in other ears,
Of words that have forsaken me.

For I am not, no longer,
I am Being folded on itself;
I am my absence materialized.

© Copyright 2003 Obeida Sidani

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice, better than “The Memory of Me”, perhaps overly melodramatic but at least has more spontaneity than “The Memory of Me”. The three line format, I do not know why, disturbed me. The first triplet is overly banner-like, overly something that came to your mind one fine day as you bathed and you thought that, “hey! This is great to start a poem!” Overly something you would want to end up someday in a quote book.

Ton frère Ahmad