Sunday, May 05, 2013

Life on a Beautiful Day

It is eleven years today, Teta, and I do miss you more than ever on this beautiful day...

Sometimes life is so ruthlessly beautiful,
It’s unfair;
Sometimes life is so devastatingly perfect,
It makes me want to cry.

Yesterday I heard a report about a country burying its dead,
A family burying its dead,
A woman burying her dead,
And I thought
The dead are never buried:
The sunshine wakes them
And the raindrops dig their graves.

Today the sun smiled at me,
The breeze smiled at me,
And I smiled back.
Today I missed my grandma more than ever
Because she is missing this beautiful day.

Yesterday a breath of fresh air
Wrapped around my face
Like a mouth gag,
It stripped me of my pretenses,
My vacant melancholy,
It slapped me like my mother’s kiss.

Today I fell in love with you
And I couldn’t care less
About the sound my heart will make
When it’s breaking.

Yesterday I wished I was young
And then I realized
I am.
Yesterday I wished I was alive
And then it hit me
That I am.
I should have wished more wisely,
Wished better,
Wished for what I didn’t have.

Today I smiled.

(Originally posted on April 16, 2003)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, also consider strongly.
-“Sometimes life is so ruthlessly beautiful” paragraph is overly
preteenagish in tone. Delete it.
-“A woman burying its dead” paragraph is very obviously inspired from “Et Tout Ces Regards,” and it made me notice that the whole thing is something you would want Dalida singing, but it is okay, for it works.
-Over and over again, delete your last small stupid melodramatic concluding sentence.

Ton frère Ahmad