Saturday, October 11, 2003

I write

I write to set you ablaze,
like I couldn’t do with my self.
I write to scorch the earth,
to set your world afire.
I write to make your gods shudder,
with disgust and with awe.
I write because my story has not been written.

I write and you shall read,
because you have a choice.
I write and you shall read,
because you have none.
You are spellbound,
and I am falling from grace.
I write because my tale needs to be told.

I write because my memories are fading,
and gelling,
and losing their taste.
I write because I fear dissipating with them.
I write because I need to,
not because I want to.
I write…

I write a tale of two souls,
of one soul,
of many souls,
of none.
I write of sepia,
and dawn-colored flesh,
and the fading image of the folds of skin around your mouth when it broke into a smile.
I write because it shall never be again.

I write because I am forgetting the smell of the aged skin of her bosom,
the taste of the lapel of her dress,
and the way his coarse hair felt against my cheek.
I write to capture life,
because I am losing it.
And I just found out I am not getting it again.

I write a swirl,
the swelling of a yearning waltz,
of the black dust underground,
the screech of a candle burning an unfaced wall.
I write of clichés that make up my life,
and a life that made the clichés.
I write of a realm beyond,
beyond the clichés,
beyond you,
and more so every passing day,
beyond me.

Con Brio

I will burn the night
I will scorch the earth
Beneath your feet

I will bring you alive
I will bring you down
I will set you free

I shall give you
What you never knew existed
I shall shatter your soul
And chew on its shards

Like every night
I will crumble
And you
Like every night
Shall sweep me beneath your wing

Thursday, October 02, 2003


it’s funny how
you can get used to
the rhythm of the vomit
until it lulls you
into a most silent apathy

today i took the day off
to watch my cat
throw his life up
but instead
he threw mine