Saturday, February 21, 2004

Remnant of You

Remnants of you around the house
Your stubble speckled over the sink
And the cat’s incessant whining
I curl myself into a cold ball
And pray for unconsciousness

You vanished
Like you never happened
Like a memory of a memory
Like a banal dream
You erased yourself
Off my consciousness
And I became
In my vacancy
The only remnant of you


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pleasant. Stop dwelling on memories of memories and memories of you and shadows of memories and remains of memories and shattered pieces of memories and leftovers of memories and memories of quasidust and memories of hallucinations and hallucinations of memories and memories visiting Dr. A because they cannot sleep tight due to someone's aftereffect as all of that grows redundant over time (No, I am proud of being a bitch. To2 moot). "I curl. pray for unconsciousness" is the only astounding part here. The rest is pleasant.

Ton frère Ahmad