Wednesday, September 22, 2004


And so it goes again
Another circle
Just as round as the one before

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Anonymous said...

Why do we feel seduced to write short commentaries to short poems???

Powerful, bullseye. One can take it as it comes, with the expected interpretation of routine and the iconoclasm of such perfections as circles and water (here it is genius, you are exploiting the very circularity of circles that made them the embodiment of perfection in geometry in order to bring out the very doom of circles, their identicality), but can also play on the spirit or the music of the circle. You manipulated it well, such that you can figure the whole thing via the inner rhythm, or maybe through the fact that "it goes again", implying that it is a circle.

But I wonder how round a circle can be. The relationship between a circle and roundedness is very trivial.

Ton frère Ahmad