Saturday, September 25, 2004


What do you say
When you’ve said it all before
When words regurgitate themselves
And life stumbles along in endless mockery?

What do you say
When the silence goes dumb
And the noise no longer makes sense
And the sadness still hasn’t managed to kill you?

What do you tell
The tables on the sidewalk
The uprooted lavender
Its weeping stinking the air?

What is there to say
But… nothing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The first part adds absolutely nothing to my faculties. The second adds a lot and thus I like it. “And the sadness still hasn’t managed to kill you” is simply astounding. The third part is equally pleasant, and the use of lavander as a stinker is an intellegent, original, surprise.

I LOATHED “BUT… NOTHING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loathe three dots generally, and here specifically its use was overly melodramatising. In addition, it hints at silence as a possible solution (because when you say nothing, it probably is silence, though it can be otherwise), which is a deadend as “silence goes dumb”.

Ton frère Ahmad