Monday, April 04, 2005

Essential parametric moments

“An essential parametric moment”

“You used to smile more,” she said.
“Yes, I did.”


“I witness”

I watch from a distance
The surge of red and white on the streets
A flood of sweat and song
And rekindled hope
--cruel hope!—
And echoes of billowing sails
And a bearded youth


“She was a good woman”

She’s gone
A cold slab in a sea of stone
A lonely bed in a desolate park
Gone is the collar of her dress
The color of her wrinkles
And the smell of her smile
That I loved to sink in


“What is the nature of that sill?”
“That is snow.”

Tell her I’m yellow
I am drowned in the
Guck of life
And life is a--

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I miss her too, and yes, she was a good woman,
Ton frère Ahmad