Sunday, May 15, 2005

Now's the time to get opinionated!

Okay, tutti! I need your feedback again. I had asked you earlier (<--this is a link!) to help me pick poems for a submission; now I need your help to pick one for a competition. The competition is this coming Saturday (May 21), and there's even more material now to pick from. (There's more material to pick from than appears under the "Previous Posts" section to the right; the "Archives", below that, hold material all the way from November 2002. And if you click on any older post, even older material apprears, as if by magic, under "Previous Posts"!) I certainly do not expect anyone to go through it all; one way to sift it is perhaps to go to the results of "Round 1" (<--this is also a link!) which has links to each of the older "candidates". But I do hope, no matter how you do it, that you take the time and share your opinion. So, go ahead, dig in, and let me know what you think, either by leaving a comment, or by writing me an e-mail at . And many thanks in advance!


Maya said...

You wanted opinions, so here's mine. In order from most favorite to least favorite:
1) Stardust
2) Breathe
3) The Flight of the Swallow
4) It goes
5) You lie
Take this with a grain of salt for I am far from being an expert in poetry. In reality, I like them all. THe only one I have trouble "connecting" with is "You lie". But that's just me. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dear,

Believe it or not, I went over every single one of the poems. I produced a preliminary list of candidate poems, from which I kept eventually only two that I think are superior.

Those two are both March 2003: “Life On a Beautiful Day” (but you would have to eliminate the last sentence “today I smiled” from it as it is incredibly corny and weakening) and (my personal all-time favourite, I guess) “Piece of Damascus.”

You might consider the preliminary list as well; it includes “I Write” (another personal all-time favourite), “Life” (July 2004), “Anymore” (August 2004), “Jellyfish” (September 2004), “Breathe” (May 2005), and “You Lie” (May 2005).

Best of luck!
Ton frère Ahmad