Friday, August 05, 2005

Go Ahead

To Roland

Go ahead
Suck the air
And leave me nothing To breathe.

Go ahead
Take it all back
And dunk it in the sea--
Fish need magic, too.

Go ahead
Tear it apart
And stuff it Into the sky
Until it drapes, Like shards of us,
Over the clouds.

Go ahead,
For a hand can never break
Its own fingers.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I open the windows, Heat spilling bright onto jaded floors, A tree swaying with warmth, And air burning the nose with freshness. I open the windows, I hear life spilling in Over thresholds and terrazzo, And yellow glow. A cage of thin black wire Missing its bird, Cards spread on a chaffing table With the chaos of fate. A scream, a chuckle, A wrinkled grin, And graying hair Brimming with age. An old stone bench awaits them, A feeling so new it tingles. All spread beyond, like hope Of another life, another tomorrow, Another place.