Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tell Me

To Wojtek

You call:
______ "I am tired,
______ ______ am tired,
______ ______ ______ am tired."
I cradle the phone
______ ______ like it were our unborn.

What shall I tell you?

That the road will swerve
______ ______ ______ wide and green
______ ______ ______ ______ up ahead?
That the sky will open
______ ______ just above our heads?
That spring is coming--
______ ______ Well, you know it is;
you just can't see it.

So, here it is,
______ listen in.

Up ahead,
______ trees will carry money,
and flowers will smell
______ ______ of paid bills.
Up ahead,
______ I see you in a hammock
I see a breeze
______ taking you in.
Up ahead,
______ birds aflutter,
and croon
______ your mix discs.

______ where the beach is your backyard
And your walls are awash in
______ ______ stone and white and
______ ______ ______ ivy on a screen;
the lawn is whatever you paint it,
______ ______ and the country can change
______ ______ ______ with your whim.
______ where there are no passports,
And the world can care less
______ about the color of my tongue,
downpayment is no issue,
______ but the choice is always a treat.
______ where you change jobs
______ ______ ______ like shoes,
______ and harvest shoes
______ ______ ______ like figs,
______ where it snows
______ ______ ______ only on Christmas
______ and the summers
______ ______ ______ are long and thin,
______ where we are gorgeous
______ ______ ______ and happy and fulfilled,
Up there,
______ I shall tell you,
______ ______ ______ of course,
Up there
______ 's where we shall be.


katy said...

can i add this one to list A? to the "please please please read this in march" list?

it's beautiful and so full of care and love, of compasion and tenderness.

a new side of a.

arch.memory said...

You got it!

katy said...

it looks phemominal in the spaced-form. it's a shame it didn't come out perfectly on blogger though. maybe i can give it shot, posting it on my blog. or i can put it on poetship. i'd love the world to see this poem in full bloom.

nomadicsoul said...

i love this!