Friday, April 14, 2006

"The Four Subjects of Poetry"

  1. I went out into the woods today, and it made me feel, you know, sort of religious.

  2. We're not getting any younger.

  3. It sure is cold and lonely
    (a) without you, honey, or
    (b) with you, honey.

  4. Sadness seems but the other side of the coin of happiness, and vice versa, and in any case the coin is too soon spent, and on what we know not what.

--William Matthews

"How many things have to happen to you
before something occurs to you?"

--Robert Frost

*Excerpted from an
NPR interview with Edward Hirsch


katy said...

katy's four subjects of poetry

1. i went into my back yard today, and it made me feel sort of spiritual
2. the dishes are still in the sink, waiting to be washed
3. it sure is cold and lonely
(a) for a robot
(b) folding laundry at 11pm
4. he doesn't kiss me if i eat particular types of fruit so sometimes the fruit goes to waste because i'd rather have him kiss me than eat an apple.

arch.memory said...

LOL! That is so true! Right on!