Saturday, May 20, 2006

بوابة الذهاب

(Now that I am in Lebanon, with the appropriate software and keyboard, I will take the opportunity to post a couple of poems in Arabic that I wrote a few weeks ago.)

هناك، على بوابة الذهاب في دمشق، تركتها
أمي تخطف نفَسها كي لا يسيل دمعاً، هناك
خلف الزجاج تغصب بسمتها
لكن العيون لا تغصب الإبتسام
جبارة دوماً، ولكن لم تدر أن
ما من جبّار يخطف الأنفاس أكثر
من جبّار يخطف أنفاسه


katy said...

i only wish i could read them... or are they poems that i have already read in english?

arch.memory said...

No, they're not translated from English, dear. I wish you could read them, too. I could try translating them for you in an e-mail, but I am afraid they won't work in translation...

katy said...

i'll just admire the prettiness then ^_^