Monday, May 08, 2006


__________Remember when
you used to try to seduce me
__________and then you found out
that all I wanted was to be seduced
__________and you stopped?

__________I remember because
the day is grey
__________like the first day of school
when the sky looked like
__________the beginning of abandonment
and the soggy sandwich in my lunchbox,
__________rampant with banana and chocolate spread,
smelled like the birth of longing.

__________What is it about that chill
that erases May only to replace it
__________with the fragility of first sex?
Because that animal in me shudders
__________in anticipation of touch
before it had consequence,
__________and Spring stood shirtless still.

is that hunger in me,
__________like the folds of first nudity
when the clothes piled on the floor,
__________and his skin was there, right there,
bristling to grow.


Mar said...

Bend that hunger but don't break it.

katy said...

Because that animal in me shudders
in anticipation of touch
before it had consequence
and Spring stood shirtless still.

now that, my dear, is poetry in all its glory. and lust in all its brutality. and love in all its prudence.

how beautiful, dear.

Eve said...

beautiful indeed!

Haider Droubi said...

Beautiful …words that took me back years before

Delirious said...

... his skin was there, right there
bristling to grow


arch.memory said...

mar, katy, eve, haider, delirious,
thank you so much!

katy said...

i don't know how i got this confused with "Hunger"... i didn't get the poems themselves confused... just the titles, i guess.

arch.memory said...

Well, I can see how: "Nudity" has the word Hunger in it; and "Hunger" has the word Nudity in it :)

Rachel said...

My, this is lovely.