Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two Things

  1. My Puki's got his own blog now! It's a photo blog (with snide quips) called I never did have anything to say (

  2. I will be going to Dubai for a couple of days (to visit a very dear friend, see illustrations for Ten Years, The Memory of Me, Absence Materialized, and Pieces of Me; and Mom is trying to tempt me to move closer).



katy said...

it's really cute how you two have the same template in different colours. ^_^

Mar said...

I refrenced your " Absence Materilaized" on my blog. Hope you don't mind:) Have fun !

Mustapha said...

Enjoy the dubai visit!

arch.memory said...

Mar, of course I don't mind! Thanks. And thanks, Mustapha; I did :) I also managed to write a bit (airport, bathroom, etc. :) which always makes me happy.