Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In/different Cities

To Roland

Back to square one,
the one where we don't know
each other.
We sink into the background
and the days flood in front.

The city didn't miss you this time.
It had more time to fold onto itself
like entrails around a neck.
But it grew ugly without you.
Maybe it was uglier with you,
I just didn't notice.

The same streets
abandoned you as they did me.
Like the traffic
they ran you over a thousand times.
And you didn't even flinch
because you were no there.

I am certain your new city ignores you
as all cities ignore.
We think we belong
but they only belong to themselves.
The rocks, the trash, the parking lots spreading like religion,
they all despise us, as we do each other.
They are just silent, like your absence--
silent and angry.

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