Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Ringing is up at Billy's!

The Poetry Carnival is back, this time under the name of Ringing Of The Bards!

This week's host is Mayor of, Billy Jones, AKA: Billy The Blogging Poet. Check out this weeks sampling, which includes some of the finest voices on the web!

Next week's host, my dearest katy!

For more information, check out the links above.
The logo is an invert of that by Shirley Whiting Allard of House Mouse.


Billy Jones said...

Thanks for being a part of The Ringing and thanks for the links.

katy said...

yay you're hosting the week after me ^_^ !!! yay

katy said...

hey, shirley allard says thanks for the link... she commented here

arch.memory said...

Katy, thanks for letting me know. I think I'll change my settings to allow anonymous comments again; I shouldn't let one nasty comment inconvenience other nice ones.

Shirley said...

Aha! Now I can thank you in person...Thank you for the credit and the link. And, inverting the logo was good thinking on your part! Shirley