Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Last Lullaby (for Lebanon)

My dear friend Yasmin of Schadenfraulines has written a heartrending poem "in memory of the Qana Massacre" called The Last Lullaby (for Lebanon).

She has also written this touching poem of encouragement for me and Lebanon:

there was a time
when a butterscotched tongue
was your candied retreat

now tin soldiers have sacked the sandman
and crept away with the last thick crumbs of sleep
sliding your peace under and out the door

where all the stars have fallen

but like Colossus
(remember, you towered tall like him once before
you run on burning feet
scooping them up
and hurling them back into the sky
Yasmin, I thank you immensely...

Many great poets have also contributed to my dear friend Katy's poetic Call to Arms at Poets101. I thank them all!

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Scheherazade said...

No thanks are necessary Bouboo.

Words still aren't enough, but you're welcome.