Thursday, July 20, 2006

More dispatches from Mazen

Mornign Morning, thanks for the posting, it was a peaceful night kind off, I moved now to haykal Center, I guess u recall it, it is furnished apts near AUB, K might come from Shouf today, though am convincing him to stay there, more peaceful than Beirut

People are still leaving, am still confused whether tot ravel next week or not… btw how did u burn ur hand??

Today there will be a gathering at the ESCWA bldg then a march to EU offices in Saifi protesting against what is happening in the county, at 12 noon the AUB Almni is organizing a protest at the alumni headquarter against what is happening…and no need to guess, I was part of all the demonstrations before (those that called for liberation and not the other barbarian party who were/are pro occupation by Syria and not by other!!!) so I guess it will be a good move, hopefully there will a lot of people

I hope that there wont be escalation of violence after the evacuation of the foreigners…yesterday whn I was on my way to the office through Aley , It strike me again how beautiful our country is and how much this country is worth to live, with the view of the sea, the mountains, the scenery but with this beauty was shaded by grayish black cloud all over the cost line reflecting the burned building, people, souls, souls that want o live and be in this country no matter what, so they will be the ashes that will ever survive this country when it comes back to birth, Lebanon is passing though a tough labor, and I would love to identify my country by SHE, i hope her labor wont be long…fearing of uterine rupture that will render her from not bearing any future for its people…

Well here again am babbling my usually nonsense, I guess it is a “country in labor associated syndrome”

Hope to c u soon,

Take good care of urself


ma.zen (or as know by Ash, ma.jen)


BOB said...


I was refering to Maldoror comment on "But what surprised me the most was the amount of hatred that we all have inside of us, even towards each other"

nothing more...

and although i might disagree with you about many things, but i beleive that we need to hear what you have to say.
So please reconsider and keep on blogging.

And if i caused you pain or personnaly attacked you in any way i apologize.


arch.memory said...

Thank you, Bob.
I will keep on blogging, don't worry. I'll just keep the bulk of it here on my blog. It doesn't seems that LBF is a place for personal points of view right now, unfortunately. Besides, it's quieter here and the comments are less hostile (and moderated). It might not reach as many people, but sometimes that's a good thing.
I do appreciate your gesture, though.

pepektheassassin said...

I've been reading your blog and have found it to be --what shall I say -- enlightening and powerful. I borrowed one of your pictures and an excerpt of your poem and posted it on my blog. (I hope you don't mind). Your poetry is excellent. I am so sorry for all the destruction and pain I see happening....

arch.memory said...

I just saw your post, thank you so much for spreading the word! I really appreciate it.