Monday, July 24, 2006

Piece of Beirut

I wear a piece of Beirut round my neck
And if Beirut is no longer
I shall remain
A piece of Beirut

I bear its anger in my womb
A discarded fetus
Of every bastard child
That choked on its breath

And I shall run in their blood
Twist like the bends
Under their flaking skins
And I shall cry its name
With every shedding piece of their scales

(Originally posted Apr. 15, 2003)


Anonymous said...

Definitely include that one!!! One of the most beautiful poems I have read in my entire life, I read it over and over again and it still tastes beautiful. I do not understand it quite well, but that is quite fine. This is one of those poems you just fall in love with regardless of the colour of its lips. “La ymayyez bachret galdena, wala yifham illa bi lonil khudud, wala yaaraf min fi nafsina, min edam kullina min3ud.” (About Love, words sung by Natasha Atlas). The last part especially gives you Goosebumps. Very beautiful and very powerful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Ton frère Ahmad

ChaösGnösis said...

Excellent poem....
keep up the good work!

And congratulations for your second place win...