Friday, July 14, 2006

“They barricaded the streets” (Sakkarou el-shawari’)

سكروا الشوارع
 عتموا الشارات
زرعوا المدافع
 هجروا الساحات

وينك يا حبيبي
 بعدك يا حبيبي
صرنا الحب الصارخ
 صرنا المسافات

إشتقنا للإيام السعيدة
إيام السهر عالطريق
عجقة سير و مشاوير بعيدة
و نتلاقا بالمطعم العتيق

يا هوا بيروت
 يا هوا الإيام
إرجعي يا بيروت
 ترجع الإيام

إجا الصيف التاني
 و القمر مكسور
قولك رح تنساني
 يا حبي المقهور

رجعت على بيتي
 ما لقيتو لبيتي
دخان و زوايا
 لا وردي و لا سور

عم بيروحوا متل رفوف سنونو
تحت نجوم الليل مشردين
قولك الأصحاب وين بيكونوا
وين بيكون الدمع و الحنين

They barricaded the streets,
they darkened the signs,
they planted the cannons,
and emptied the places,

Where are you my love?
You are still my love.
We have become the piercing love,
we have become the distances...

We miss the happy days,
the days of staying out on the streets;
traffic jams and long promenades,
when we would meet in the old café...

Oh, air of Beirut!
Oh, air of the days!
Come back, Beirut,
so the days would come back!

The second summer came
and the moon is broken;
would you forget me,
my bitter love?

I came back to my house,
I couldn’t find my house--
smoke and corners,
no rose or fence...

They are leaving like flocks of sparrows,
scattered like the night stars--
where do you think the friends are?
Where would the tears and the longing be?

- The Rahbani brothers


Eve said...

Thx you Arch for doing this. no, not a useless obsession at all. it gave me the chill.

arch.memory said...

I never fail to get a chill eveytime I hear this song...