Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Carnival is Ringing again!

For the 10th time, this time at Ozymandiaz's Paper Tigers.


csperez said...

great work here! linked from ozy and was wondering if we can link up?


arch.memory said...

Absolutely! I will go ahead and link back. Thanks!
PS: I know I have to organize my links and rework my categories, but for now I'll add you under "Poetry Links"; I hope you don't mind.

Ben Heine said...

Hi, I discovered your website with pleasure, I appreaciate your articles. I am a cartoonist, I support your cause and your country through my drawings. If you would like to use some of my cartoons to illustrate your text, fell free. I will add your link on my Blog. Can we link up? Regards to you. Ben

arch.memory said...

Thanks for the great offer. I actually took you up on it immediately (see "Willing Life Back to Normal".

And I already added a link to your wonderful blog after your last comment. As I said above, I know I have to organize my links and rework my categories. For now I added it under "Lebanese & Arabic Links", just because of your cartoons' recent political nature. I know that is not accurate; but I hope you don't terribly mind. I plan to work on my links this weekend.

Ben Heine said...

Dear Arch.memory,
I do apologize. You were much faster than me... Great if we can link up, me too I put your link on my Blog a few days ago actually. I often visit your Blog now. I read your wonderful and sad testimony "Willing Life Back to Normal". I will certainly use it on my Blog and illustrate it with one of my cartoons, it it's all-right for you? You are a very talented poet, either you write in proses or poems. I'm glad and honoured to have met someone like you.
You know, I used to write poetry. If you want to have a look, it's on my website: .
It's all in French, but I think you understand, bright as you are. (Your texts are much much better, they generate smooth emotions.). Have a great evening, my friend. Here it's already half past two in the morning. Wishes. Ben

Ben Heine said...

...and thanks again for using one of my drawings. Feel free to use others whenever you like. B.

arch.memory said...

Ben, no worries. And please feel free to use "Willing Life Back to Normal", or any other post. I would love to see the illustrations you come up with!

I will gladly check out your poetry, but I have to admit, my French is quite horrendous (mostly based on Dalida songs!). So, I apologize in advance.

Bonne nuit!

jooj said...

Ashraf, I just read your "Willing Life Back to Normal". Your writing is exquisite. Sometimes I cannot believe how much talent I am discovering in the leb blogsphere.

arch.memory said...

Well, thank you very much, Jooj! Means a lot to me.