Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Open Discussion

I will be reading tomorrow, part of an open discussion on:

CEASE FIRE: The end of the US/Israel War in the Middle East?
Date: Tuesday, August 22nd
Time: 7pm.
Place: 48th & Baltimore Ave. (Calvary Church)
Featuring: Sara Flounders, Co-Director International Action Center

I hope you can make it.


thepoetryman said...

If I were anywhere near you you can bet I'd be there... Continue to speak out my friend. You have a peace movement on your side.

The Sixth Sense said...


I wish i could be there to attend.
Pls post about it later and if possible, provide us with a video or audio recording.

I'd like to thank u for everything u were posting during this war. I'm proud to have some1 like u to represent the lebanese in the USA.

keep up the good work!

arch.memory said...

Mark, I wish you could... But yes, I am very glad to have found the peace movement there, as miniscule as it is, by my side when I needed it.

Sixth Sense, I wish you could be there, too. Maybe I'll take my dinky little digital to tape some video (though I have a feeling the light will be awful--it'll be more like audio). And thank you so much for reading, and for your generous words of encouragement. I feel very uneasy representing a whole nation, but it is on such a small scale and a point of such desperation... Thank you.

Erin said...

I hope that the reading went well, that you were able to share the truths of what you and your family and your country have endured - and that people listened.

I know I have fallen silent here, and not left much in the way of comments - not because I haven't read, but because, well, at some point I ran out of words. I've thought much about you and your family. I hope you can all find peace, not just around you, but within yourselves.