Monday, October 28, 2013

Bottle Caps

(To Joo)

Bottle caps all over the floor;
some of us leave something behind.
Smile, dear; sunshine is nothing
if not that twinkle in your voice.

It was a sad day when she realized she was mortal.
“A hundred years from now,” she said,
“I won’t be around.”
And I’ll be sure to miss you, dear,
from wherever I am not then.

Underneath the scaffold papered with life’s residues,
on this frigid night, with life passing us by,
hurried on its Saturday,
blowing warm breath into its cupped hands
trying to capture some fleeting warmth,
I told her, I would never inflict this life on anyone.

It’s not the misery, I said,
It’s the boredom, the anticipation of nothing.
She smiled, knowingly;
caressing, if smiles ever could.
And I wasn’t so sure anymore.

(Originally posted on February 11, 2007)


gitanes legeres said...

well mr le poete!! beautiful and true.. as always..

arch.memory said...

N, how are you, dear? Thank you, always. Hope all is well!

katy said...

thank you so much for this lovely poem, my dear!

i am holding up really well. at least i think i am. a break down here and there, but for the most part...

i need to write a poem, and write to you... and write to a few other people... i am behind on socialization.

and the reading i have due isn't helping much in the way of getting in touch with people these past few weeks.

thank you again my dear. call any time, okay?

Mirvat said...

i was terrified when i realized i was mortal too :)

arch.memory said...

Ah, Mirvat... To not be terrified is to not be mortal!

_z. said...

being mortal just hit me about a year ago too...
your answer to mirvat's comment is just great, I guess I can use it too.

I collect bottle caps :P

arch.memory said...

Yes, it seems to be the age, _z. And don't get me started about collecting as an antidote to mortality... I can get sappy!