Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Day

Going through the day as if it’s endless;
looking—always looking—just beyond.
Blinders on, senses off,
trudging, oblivious to the sun.
And there it goes, somewhere else,
the same day, out of sight.
A thought crosses, reaching—
arms extended, fingers clasping
at the air.

If only an awareness of the littleness of it,
a fridge opening, legs stretched over coffee table,
the door unlocking one more time.
The familiar hum of a TV almost muted,
head turning, a familiar face sighs,
a greeting grunted and a nod.

Listless and looking, out at the city,
from the backseat of another cab:
the underside of a bridge, mouths muted by the glass,
and then a cloud.

If thoughts could bind us, we’d be together then,
strewn across the day, on different faces of the earth.
But thoughts remain solitary, drifting
yet resonant;
and for now, again,
make do.


_z. said...

well one thing is for sure... days go by. some are exciting, some are banal. the constant is your creativity and your poetry. always impressing, always surpassing itself.

i love your writing sadiki.

and congrats on the exams.

thepoetryman said...

"as if it's endless;" really sets it up nicely.

arch.memory said...

Thanks, _z. You just made this day for me! ;)

poshlemon said...

If thoughts could bind us, we’d be together then,
strewn across the day, on different faces of the earth.

I always wished for this to become an ability available to us.

I like the essence in your writing.

arch.memory said...

Thanks, PoetryMan & PoshLemon! Yes, wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that...

Beccas-thoughts said...

This is so true most times..until we each awaken to what is real..
I really loved your poem.. it caught it all!

Mirvat said...

ok is it the boards? congrats anyway :)
lovely and very rich imagery. have you started working on getting a book out? you should.

arch.memory said...

Thanks, Becca & Mirvat...
It's been stop'n'go on the book. I start working, and then I get discouraged, and let it be... But I'll start again, hopefully before I reach the 200 count!

El Matador said...

Wonderful poem! I totally related to your world. Every morning I feel I am a floating soul trying to cling to the surface of things...