Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Diet Man"

There's a belly in heaven that I love.
It wriggles with satisfaction
like a Buddha's would
at the sight of Jello and whipped cream.
______It doesn't give a damn.
There's a belly in heaven that I miss.
______It jiggles with beer.
It's great for a hug and a squeeze.
It devours cakes, cookies, and pies.
It shakes, rolls, and giggles at bad jokes.

______Get out of my sight diet man.
Take a hasty trolley to hell
______mean man,
______lean man,
______bean man,
______exacting man.

new man,
reasoning man,
jogging man,
calculating man,

______whose thoughts you won't reveal,

sly man.

by Angela d'Arista Solli
from Regrets Only: Contemporary Poets on the Theme of Regret