Saturday, January 07, 2017

Another Storm

Again, like a shot in the arm,
metal piercing the skin,
sharp intake of breath,
and the numbness...
The snow keeps falling
like frozen baby breath,
careless and uncaring,
covering wedding bands
and dog shit alike.

Oh city icy as the skies,
indifferent as only God can be...
Oh city drenched in grey,
draped in cold, drizzling
frost like confetti,
turn your back on me--
for I am blind, I am deaf,
I am mute, I am dead.
I am loss, I'm your heart:
clenched, cynical and cruel.
Turn your back, wilt,
wither, will what you will,
I'm staying, a speck of sand
in your eyes, scratching, cloying,
the only thing left of another storm.

(Originally posted on February 11, 2012)

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