Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day like Today

These charades we make
to do and undo each other,
what for?

This life, a blink and then
hereafter.. what for?

The sun shines like rain never happened,
the sky is a sarcastic shade of blue,
and the breeze blows so delicately it's almost fake...

Sure, the swans spread their wings for food again,
and the irises are in bloom like winter didn't exist,
a masquerade of life: bold, shimmering and vain...

You'd think no one will die today,
no soul will crack, no one will find
the water inviting for more than a swim...

Life is never crueler than it is on such days,
never more callous, never more slanted;
the shadows are never darker than in sunlight...

It is on a day like today that I want to leave;
give life and the living a slap in the face, deny them
at their most beautiful, most seductive, most invulnerable...

Only when life is smiling shall one stick a spear through its heart,
remind it of its worth, its worthlessness,
its lightness divine...

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